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302: Figurines - Preview: Compiled of recent previewed/announced items

Racing Miku 2012 ver.!
A dynamic figure of the official mascot of the 2012 GT Project , ‘Racing Miku 2012 ver.’! Her long twin-tails are fluttering by her sides as she stands on one leg while waving a flag, creating a really dynamic figure that looks as if it could jump to life at any second. Racing Miku is dressed up and ready for the racing circuit, and now you can enjoy having her by your side whenever you like!

You can’t really tell from this photo, but she is really big!! (((゚Д゚)))

You should get a better feeling for the size over the next few photos! She is 1/7th scale, so it’s really quite an impressive size!

This is how she looks from the back!

I normally try to fit the figure photos behind a single monitor, but I just couldn’t fit her in from the back! The twintails give her so much extra volume – each takes up about the same amount of space as Miku’s entire body!

Her beaming smile has been faithfully recreated!

The 2012 Racking Miku-san was designed and illustrated by GAN-san! The expression still has a bit of a childish charm to it, and also features a lovely gradient in the eyes! All this has been kept in the figure beautifully!

Her shiny costume is so pretty!

The glossy paintwork just adds to the whole cyber feeling of her outfit! Many parts of her outfit also make use of clear materials, including the see-through areas, the tie and her skirt!

Wonderful curves!!

Just look at the twist in her slender waist, or the upward fluttering skirt at the back! This is definitely my favorite area on this figure, and I think the photo came out really nicely too!!

The balance between the visible skin and covered skin is wonderful!

This angle had to be included! (*゚∀゚*)

If you’re like me, then I’m sure that your eyes can’t help but wander to her hip-line, but I also want to highlight her thighs!! You can see the difference in the level of her skin where the boots end, and if you look at the see-through areas you can see they are also bulge out a little!!

The different materials used in her outfit are shown off by amazing sculpting!!

Twisty-turney twin-tails!

One of Racing Miku’s most defining features has to be her hair, and as you can see they have been beautifully sculpted twisting all around! They keep the same light and airy feeling from the illustration!

Her body-line from the front!

Hmm… the area around her belly button is very cute!

As you can see, it’s not just her upper body that is curving around, these is a horizontal twist to her entire body as well – this is a great example of a truly life-like, dynamic pose!!

Racing Miku: 2012 ver.!

She’s bigger than a 500ml bottle…?

In fact, she’s considerably bigger than this bottle!! She is easily big enough to be seen as a trophy or something! Today we’ll be taking a look at this adorable figure!

Fate Testarossa: Swimsuit ver.!
From ‘Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st’ comes a cute figure of Fate Testarossa wearing a bikini. Be sure to display her with the previously released Nanoha Takamachi: Swimsuit ver. for double the cuteness!

She is an amazing 1/4th scale size!! (((゚Д゚)))

She is huge… absolutely gigantic!! The best thing about figures this size, is that you simply can’t ignore them – they have such an incredible presence! I’m sure any Fate-chan fans would be happy to grab this without hesitation!!

This is how she looks from the back!

Her bikini certainly leaves a lot of bare skin to enjoy! From the front her bikini looks mostly white, but on the back it has the same dark blue color as the pareo she is holding!

A lovely youthful body-line!

The figure really captures Fate’s youth perfectly – it has a nice childish charm but also a sexy charm to it!

The ribs and pelvis that you can just see on her slender body are amazing, and the way her swimsuit tightens around the skin at the edges looks wonderful – I almost can’t stop myself from touching it! (I can’t seen it’s the prototype!!)

A close-up of her thighs!

Hmm… this picture is almost too naughty for this blog. ^^;

Such an innocent facial expression!

Ooh! She has such a cute face!! Every time Gift releases a new figure in the swimsuit series, they get cuter and cuter!!

This area looks so soft! (σ゚∀゚)σ

It’s unbelievable how a figure can create the same soft-looking appeal of real skin!! Not to mention that Fate is 1/4th scale – she’s huge and it still looks great!! Fans can really enjoy her to their heart’s content!!

Detailed all the way down to her toes!

Even the small details such as her stylish anklet and pedicure look lovely! The sandals also match with her swimsuit nicely for a fully color-coordinated outfit!

Her pareo has a lovely hibiscus print!

The sculpting of the wavy appearance on the pareo must have made placing the prints on the pareo very difficult, but Gift has done a great job with it!

The design on the pareo has a fairly mature air to it, which contrasts quite nicely with the youthful Fate! (*´∀`*)

Fate Testarossa: Swimsuit ver.!

Mikatan’s Blog has been updated with preview images of the upcoming“Nendoroid Fujiwara no Mokou” from Touhou Project by Good Smile Company ^^

Mikatan updated her Blog with preview images of the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Araragi Karen” from Bakemonogatari by Good Smile Company ^^

Happy OTAKU-ing !? *cough* *cough*

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