Tuesday, February 14, 2012

238: FIgure - Mixed: GSC Shanghai's Chainsaw and some Figures from Bandai

First revealed back at Wonder Festival 2011 Summer, we finally get to see more on 1/8 scale figure of “Chain:Saw” by Good Smile Company Shanghai, now in colour ^^

Based on the following illustration by Poco:

Some Pics from Tamashii Nation AKIBA Showroom

Bandai 2012年5月發售: Armor Girls Project - MS Girl Wing Gundam EW版 4,800Yen

魂Web Shop 1月25日開始接受訂購,2012年6月派貨: Robot魂 GN-X IV 量產機 4,410Yen連稅

魂Web Shop 2月6日開始接受訂購, 2012年6月派貨: ULTRA-ACT Andro Melos 3,780Yen連稅

魂Web Shop 1月25日開始接受訂購,2012年6月派貨: Figuarts ZERO 閃亂神樂 - 飛鳥4,725Yen連稅

娘Type x 魂Nations x 電擊Hobby - A.G.P. 御坂美琴

Robot魂 輪迴的拉格朗日 VOX AURA

Some other Wonfes Photos that I might not covered in my blog:

Happy OTAKU-ing !? *cough* *cough*

Reiya 零夜 (Jo)

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