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195: Figure - PVC/Preview: More previews before PO Open - Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier

Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier!

Let’s start with the conclusion:
What an incredible figure!!

If you’re reading this blog you must have some interest in figures and maybe even be a collector yourself, and if you are either of those then this figure will definitely pull on your heartstrings!

As a side note, I don’t know anything at all about bikes… (to the point that I can’t even tell you where the engine is on a bike )

But even if I know nothing about bikes, I can still tell you the sculpting is absolutely incredible!

Do you all love figures? I love figures! No matter what that figure might feature, I still love to look at them! I hope I can convey just how lovely this figure really is through the images and text I’ve written up today…

Let’s start with a horizontal shot!
     /      \
    /   ─    ─\    ”Hmmm…
  /   (=・=)  (=・=)\    I tried to fit the whole figure in the picture…
  |       (__人__)    |    But now Saber-san looks tiny!”
   \     ` ⌒´   /
   ノ            \

The bike is really long when you look from this angle!

The figure it so long it was quite a task to photograph – the web team have been having quite a tough time!! Yesterday during the live broadcast, Oda-P said the bike measured an impressive 290mm. That’s about the size of an A4 sheet of paper!! Just grab an A4 page and then you’ll get a good feeling for the size of the bike!

Let’s compare her with another figure!

Here we have her displayed with Nendoroid Movable Saber. You can really see the size difference now! It might be a 1/8th scale figure, but it certainly takes up an impressive amount of space!

A shot from a more backward angle!

That pose of Saber looking behind her is both awesome and sexy!

Saber is wearing a rather tight suit, but it has a very tight fit to still leave her with a strong sense of femininity! (According to Kawapon!)

But even with a tight fit, there are still creases all over the figure giving an incredibly realistic effect! Just look at the legs of the pants, or even the jacket pockets!

This is how it looks from the back!

This was a very popular angle during last night’s live broadcast! The contrast of the black clothes on Saber and the silver bike really stand out from this angle. Plus you can also get a nice view of the base – a road filled with debris!

Apparently the positioning of the debris even went through some real experiments to see how exactly the bike would displace them – all done just for the figure’s base!

The reverse side looks like this!

Just look at the lovely body!!

Kawapon has really got the slenderness and roundness of a girl’s body down perfectly! This particular version of Saber doesn’t expose much skin, and yet it’s still so… sexy…! Don’t you agree!?

No matter what angle you look from, the figure always looks great!

If you’re a figure collector, I’m sure you’ve also experienced the feeling of getting a figure displayed at the perfect angle. But I just can’t do it with this version of Saber! I just can’t find the perfect angle as she looks great from any angle! I think that’s due to a combination of the minute details on the base and bike, as well as the unique posing of Saber – not to even mention just how well sculpted she is herself. This is really one figure that is so very carefully created, it’s hard to find any flaws! I’m certain that anyone who grabs her up will enjoy her for years and years to come!

Today we’ll be focusing on Saber!!

The bike is great, but Saber is just as great!! Hence today’s review is more focused around Saber herself!

Isn’t she just beautiful!? (*゚∀゚)=3
That determined expression across her face as the wind blows over her blowing her hair all around…. it’s simply perfect!

I love the area between her breast and waist!!

Let’s focus on the breast area first!!
She has three layers of clothes – a blouse, best and jacket!

Just seeing that gives her such a realistic appearance. It’s like she is right there with you! Her lovely slender waist is also another one of the highlights of the figure!

Let’s zoom in a little closer!!

Just like the suit the blouse also has a lovely tight fit! Even if she doesn’t boast the biggest of assets, you can still make out the shape though the tight clothes…

And what a lovely bottom!

      :/      \:
     :/ ..::─::::─ \:    ”I’ve already said all sorts of things that the
   :/  ..:<●>::<●> \:   publishers are probably against…
   :|     (__人__)  |:  but this just has to be said too!”
   :\     ` ⌒´   _/:   
   : ノ           \ :

It looks so very soft and touchable!!
There really isn’t anything else you can say about such a lovely bottom! And all this is coming from a big Fate fan!

Everyone loves thighs!

I don’t think I need to say anything more about this image.

Don’t think! Just enjoy!!

Just imagine the soft skin and fight back the urge to want to touch it!!

But the best things are not only the sexy parts of her!

Just look how the jacket is fluttering up!!

It really looks as if the jacket is caught in the wind! It’s so hard to believe that this was sculpted by human hands! Sculptors really are incredible at what they do! It’s quite common for people to focus on the bike at first, but when you get down to looking at Saber herself, you realize just how much work went into this figure!

Excalibur and her bracelet!

The photo is zoomed in quite a lot, but even the tiny bracelet features gradient painting!! I can’t believe how much detail is put into it! Excalibur is also of outstanding quality – you can’t have a Saber figure without Excalibur!

Just one day till preorders start!

Even Frog is amazed to such a degree his mouth is hanging open!
Today I’ll be continuing the review of this lovely figure!

Yesterday we focused on Saber, but today…
We’ll be focusing on the motorbike!

But let me just start with this…
      :/      \:
     :/ ..:─:::::─ \:     ”I err… know nothing about motorbikes…”
   :/  ..:<●>:::<●> \:
   :|     (__人__)   |:
   :\     ` ⌒´   _/:   
   : ノ           \ :

Other than the fact that it has wheels and is used for transport… I know nothing about them! I find it pretty mysterious how they manage to even move…

But I can still tell how detailed the sculpting is!

I had some discussions with the rest of the staff, so at least I have learned something from writing this review!

These are the designs for the Cuirassier!

It’s based on the series of motorbikes called the ‘YAMAHA V-MAX’ – the Cuirassier is basically a special version of the V-MAX designed especially for Saber! The design was created by Namaniku Attakai, a character designer from Nitroplus!
I designed the front bender to be more pointed and give a more curvy image. The cowling was based a little off Saber’s cuirass. The design also tried to create a very ‘heavy’ kind of feeling, just like the normal armor they Saber normally wears. However, we also still tried to keep it under a simple-is-best design, and not make it look too over the top, or unrealistic. The overall image gives it a kinf of shark-like appeal, which combined with the original V-MAX design makes for something that works together very well in my opinion, and I hope you’ll all agree. – Namaniku Attakai (Nitroplus)

This figure was created…
From just the three design images above!

It’s amazing just how perfectly it came out! The sculptor Kawapon and the planner, Oda-P were busy with the smallest of changes and meetings all the time in order to create the perfect looking bike!

Let’s start with the engine!

Let me first remind you that this is a 1/8th scale figure! Obviously the smaller things are the harder they become to sculpt. Often on 1/8th scale figures certain very detailed parts can be simplified or left out – but in this case you don’t get that impression at all! It looks so very detailed!!

It’s like a real bike was just shrunk down!

Even to someone like me that knows nothing about bikes, this area really impresses me!! It’s a bit of a strange analogy, but it reminds me how people write names on a grain of rice – that’s just how finely detailed this looks to me! It’s amazing to see just what the GSC sculptors are capable of!

You can even see the screws and bolts!

On the real figure these are easily around a millimeter in size! If you compare this picture to the one above, you’ll notice that the two sides of the bike are in fact very different!

Even the engine is completely different on either side!

I’m sure a lot have already scrolled back up to confirm, but if you scroll up and down between the two pictures you can really see the differences in shape

The grated area looks incredible!

This is an area near the very bottom of the bike! It’s not an area you’re likely to see very often no matter how you display the figure, but even so it looks absolutely incredible… I almost want to shout at those who made it for making ti too detailed in unnecessary places!!

The tires really look like real rubber!
  /:::::::: ( ○)三(○)\  ”H-How??
  |:::::::::::(__人__):::|    Isn’t it all made from polyester putty?”
  \:::::::   |r┬-|   ,/
   ノ::::::::  `ー’´   \

Yet it looks just like rubber!! Incredible!

This really is the epitome of the sculpting arts at the moment… just by looking at these tires I want to touch them to see if they’re actually filled with air!!

A look at the suspension!

(↑ I learned a new word! )
It’s the spring-like part next to the exhaust! I get the feeling that if it gets too loose it’s a bad thing, but this one looks very tight and just like a real spring! It’s lovely!

This is how the handle bars look!

You can even see the brake hoses! Plus I have to mention those bolts once again… they’re just incredible!! The pictures here are zoomed in quite considerably, so I think they give a good impression for just how detailed the work really is…

It really looks like a real bike has been shrunk down!
If you decide to pick her up, I know you’ll be impressed with the product! Anyone would be!

The front cowling looks like this!
(↑ I learned yet another word! )

This is basically the part that covers up the engine!

The cowling is made to leave the bike looking good from any angle… as well as making the curves on the bike look very smooth! I think this is a perfect example!

The exhaust is lovely and shiny!

The cowling has a nice glossy paint job that makes it stand out brilliantly – but the more metallic parts like the exhaust have a much more shiny look to them, they really gives them an even more metallic look. It’s just incredible…

The cowling also has a very slight gradient to!
This was pointed out during one of the live broadcasts and the question came up whether it would stay that way for the final product… I’m sure the GSC production team will do everything in their power to see it through!

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Happy OTAKU-ing !? *cough* *cough*

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